In our industrial unit we have automated processes where technological innovations are used in equipment, making it possible to optimize resources and produce large volumes of Activated Clays.

Our modern Quality and Research centers & Development guarantees excellence and efficiency of the line's products Vitta Clay, and offer a personalized technical assistance service, retaining our customers in search of solutions in their production processes.

VITTA CLAY® | The new technological option for pthickening of oils and fats

Vitta Clay is the brand of activated clays developed to clarify vegetable oils, mineral oils, vegetable and animal fats produced by the TQA VITTA Group, installed at its industrial unit in the city of Pindamonhangaba (SP).

For the production of activated clays the main raw materials are used: high purity calcium bentonites and inorganic acids.

Activations of clays Vitta Clay occur through two processes: acid activation through digestion with inorganic acid or thermo activation through application of temperature in a carefully controlled process. During the activation processes, physical and chemical changes occur in the clay structure, which enables the formation of numerous active sites with excellent adsorptive properties. High technology and strict quality control are used in both processes, ensuring uniformity in production and a high standard of excellence for obtaining products that meet the most demanding customers.

The line products Vitta Clay remove pigments like: carotenes, xanthopilas, chlorophyll, hemoglobin, among others. They are very efficient for removing soaps, phosphatides and traces of metals, in addition to catalytically inhibiting other compounds such as peroxides, responsible for the deterioration of oil or fat.

The characteristics of clays Vitta Clay are presented as fine powder varying in beige colors, gray and green.

There are the following packaging options: multi-puff Kraft paper bag of 25 kg, big-bags made of polypropylene 500 kg, 1.000 kg, 1.250 kg and 1.500 kg, and in bulk through bulk truck.


Typical Chemical Composition

Oxide (%) SiO2 Al2O3 Fe2O3 High MgO TiO2 P2O5 On2O K2O MnO
55,0 20,0 10,0 3,0 3,0 1,0 1,0 1,0 3,0 1,0

Product line


• Activated clay (VITTA CLAY 1007)

• Activated clay (VITTA CLAY 707)

• Activated clay (VITTA CLAY 700)

• Activated clay (VITTA CLAY 505 GA)

• Activated clay (VITTA CLAY 500)

• Activated clay (VITTA CLAY 400)

• Activated clay (VITTA CLAY 300)


Term Activated Natural Clay (VITTA CLAY NT)