“Our success in the business is based on long-term strategies that include innovation, efficiency and continuous operational improvement. ”

The TQA VITTA Group started its activities to serve the coagulant market and, later, to the elastomer market. Operates production units located in the cities of Bragança Paulista (SP), Pindamonhangaba (SP), Simões Filho (BA), São Gonçalo do Rio Below (MG) and Oliveira de Azeméis (Portugal).

We have a team formed by professionals distributed among different sectors: Administrative, Search & Development, Operational, Logistics and Industrial. Our liquid effluents are monitored and treated in a closed circuit.

Grupo TQA VITTA | Producing responsibly



• Aluminium polychloride (VITTA PC 18)

• Aluminium polychloride (VITTA PC 10)

• Aluminium polychloride (VITTA PC 10A01)



• Calcium chloride 30% Solution (TQ CHLORINE 30%)

• Calcium chloride 36% Solution (TQ CHLORINE 36%)

• Calcium chloride 40% Solution (TQ CHLORINE 40%)

• Solid Dihydrate Calcium Chloride (TQ CLOR DIH)

• Magnesium chloride (TQ CLOR MG)

• Ferrous Aluminum Chloride (VITTA FAC)

• Ferric Chloride (VITTA FC 38 I/S)

• Ferric Chloride (VITTA FC 38 B)

• Ferric Chloride (VITTA FC 35 A)


• Magnesium sulfate (TQ SUL MG)

• Liquid Iron Free Aluminum Sulphate (TQ SUL IFL)

• Liquid Ferrous Aluminum Sulphate (TQ SUL FL)

• Standard Aluminum Sulphate (TQ SUL ST)

• Acidified Aluminum Sulphate (TQ SAC)

• Ferrous Aluminum Sulphate (VITTA FAS)

• Ferric Chlorine Sulfate (VITTA FCS 17)


• Sodium bicarbonate (TQ BS)


• Hydrochloric acid (HCL)


Conveyor belts

• Conveyor Belt (TQ-BELT EXT)

• Conveyor Belt (TQ-BELT EXT PLUS)

• Conveyor Belt (TQ-BELT EXT PLUS ESP)

• Conveyor Belt (TQ-BELT AG)

• Conveyor Belt (TQ-BELT AT)

• Conveyor Belt (TQ-BELT ET)

• Conveyor Belt (TQ-BELT ST)

Lifting Belts

• Elevating Belt (TQ-BELT EXT)

• Elevating Belt (TQ-BELT EXT PLUS)

• Elevating Belt (TQ-BELT EXT PLUS ESP)

• Elevating Belt (TQ-BELT AG)

• Elevating Belt (TQ-BELT AT)

• Elevating Belt (TQ-BELT ET)

• Elevating Belt (TQ-BELT ST)

Laminated Belts

• Laminated Belt (TQ-BELT EXT)

• Laminated Belt (TQ-BELT EXT PLUS)

• Laminated Belt (TQ-BELT EXT PLUS ESP)

• Laminated Belt (TQ-BELT AG)

• Laminated Belt (TQ-BELT AT)

• Laminated Belt (TQ-BELT ET)

• Laminated Belt (TQ-BELT ST)

Rubber Compounds

• Natural (TQ-FLEX)

• Common ebonite (TQ-HARD)

• Graphite Ebonite (TQ-HARD)

• Hypalon (TQ-CHLORO)

• Clorobutyl (TQ-SINT)

• Neoprene (TQ-SINT)

• Nitrile (TQ-SINT)



• Natural / Common or Graphite Ebonite (TQ-DUPLEX)

• Natural / Common Ebonite or Graphite / Natural (TQ-TRIPLEX)

Rubber Coatings


• Natural (TQ-FLEX)

• Common ebonite (TQ-HARD)

• Graphite Ebonite (TQ-HARD)


• Natural / Common or Graphite Ebonite (TQ-DUPLEX)

• Natural / Common Ebonite or Graphite / Natural (TQ-TRIPLEX)


• Hypalon (TQ-CHLORO)

• Clorobutyl (TQ-SINT)

• Neoprene (TQ-SINT)

• Nitrile (TQ-SINT)


Activated Clays

Activated Clays

• Activated clay (VITTA CLAY 1007)

• Activated clay (VITTA CLAY 707)

• Activated clay (VITTA CLAY 700)

• Activated clay (VITTA CLAY 505 GA)

• Activated clay (VITTA CLAY 500)

• Activated clay (VITTA CLAY 400)

• Activated clay (VITTA CLAY 300)

Term Activated Natural Clay

• Term Activated Natural Clay (VITTA CLAY NT)